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Andre's CellML Tools

Welcome! This will be a place for Andre to put his CellML software, just in case other people find some use in it. Andre currently has three tools — a simulation tool, a "debugging"/hierarchy visualisation tool, and now a model decomposition utility. Stay tuned as Andre tries to find the time to document the source code and fix up this web site.

Andre has a new version of his simulation tool available which is a stripped down version of the simulation tool found here. It is recommended to use that software.

Source code is available (under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license) using subversion with something like 'svn checkout CellMLSimulator' or 'svn checkout CellML2Dot' or 'svn checkout decompose'. The code can also be browsed online from the project page.

The tools are configured using the CMake cross platform make system. Initial instructions are available for CellMLSimulator and some help can be found in the BUILD files in each project. These have all been developed and used under Linux (Fedora Core 5, 6 & 7).