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decompose - building from source

Instructions on how to build decompose from source.



Currently requires the subversion trunk version of the Auckland implementation of the CellML API. See the CellMLSimulator build instructions for more information on getting the CellML API ready for use.


The CellML API also requires libxml2 to be present, so assuming you get that to build you should be fine.

CMake - cross-platform make

decompose uses the CMake build system.

In the decompose source tree there are modules for finding the required header and library files described above. Unless you have installed everything in the system folders, you need to provide a little bit of help to CMake in order to find all the required files. Here is what I use, based on the install paths from above and using a csh...

> setenv CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH $HOME/std-libs/CellML-new-CCGS/include
> setenv CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH $HOME/std-libs/CellML-new-CCGS/lib

CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH is used to add extra paths to search for the required header files and CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH the required libraries.


The decompose source is currently only available via the subversion respository. You can grab the source using:

>  svn checkout decompose

for the current trunk code.

Once you have the source checked out, all the dependencies installed, and set the CMake environment variables then you're all set to try building decompose. I generally make a build directory inside decompose, but you should be able to build it from anywhere. The CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is used to control the type of build, with Debug and Release being the two tested types. Something like this...

> cd decompose
> mkdir -p build/debug
> cd build/debug
> cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../..
> make
> cd ../..
> mkdir -p build/release
> cd build/release
> cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../..
> make

If you are building somewhere else, simply replace ../.. with the path to the decompose source directory. Thats pretty much it...